Al Hijrah Madrassa


Al-Hijrah Madrasah provides high quality Islamic education in Qaida and Qur’an reading with Tajweed; Hifdh; Islamic Studies and the Arabic Language.

We are moving towards a group based learning model which boosts learning and maximises the progress of children in the shortest time.

Our Quran programme is supported by Sheikh Mahmood Fawzi, a graduate of Al-Azhar, who has helped to develop the group learning modules.



A sound knowledge of Islam is essential for every Muslim child.

We not only cover the basic beliefs and actions, such as Wudhu and Salah, but aim for our children to develop a deeper understanding of the meanings behind the faith and the actions of worship that it promotes.

The Islamic Studies programme is based around the Weekend Series of books which cover a wide range of topics including Seerah of the Prophet (saw).



Knowledge of the Arabic language is the key to understanding the Qur’an.

We aim to introduce our students to the Arabic language from a young age and help them develop their reading, writing and speaking skills through the years.

 Our Arabic syllabus currently uses the Madina Arabic Reader books levels 1 and 2. We will add further books to the syllabus as students progress.

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